Paraforms are a series of animated, generative artworks created using p5js︎︎︎. Each new Paraform is a unique combination of 9 variables such as speed, # of shapes, color, etc. The Paraforms animation and rendering styles make use of the constraints of WEBGL by eliminating lighting and materials from the 3D rendering pipeline.



Technological-lifeforms are a recurring theme in science fiction and 20th C. avant-garde abstract art. The PARAFORMS project draws upon both of these traditions.

Naum Gabo,Torsion, 1928

A primary inspiration is the early 20th C. Constructivist sculptor Naum Gabo︎︎︎. He attempted to create a purely rational artform for an imagined future society. His work was developed against the backdrop of fascism’s irrationality from which he was forced to flee.

Lee Bontecou Untitled, 1961

Another inspiration is the biomorphic abstraction of sculptor Lee Bontecou︎︎︎. Her work is clearly in the tradition of avant-garde art, but with distinct elements of science fiction illustration. Her sculptures are at once technological and organic.

The industrial designs of science fiction illustrator Syd Mead︎︎︎ reflect the influence of early modernist abstract art, and were an inspiration as well.

In my research for this project, I was also inspired by the use of mathematical recursion in Ghanaian and other historic central african architecture and design.

via African Fractals︎︎︎